Why Giving likes should come first before expecting many free likes

News 12:04 April 2024:

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If the first thing you do on your twitter account every morning is to post a link to your blog post or to ask people to follow you on Instagram, you might never achieve the social media success that everyone hypes about. People actually hate adverts, whether they are from a business or an individual account seeking for likes. Also, many people don’t have a reading culture, which is one reason why most of your post should be more of attention grabbers rather than telling stories.

But as you try to capture people’s attention through well-crafted posts, your chances of attracting multiple free likes on your posts can only increase if you also love giving your friends and followers more likes. When you post anything on Facebook for instance, always come back to check who commented on the post, who has liked your posts regularly and perhaps show them gratitude by liking a few of their posts. As you grow popular you might not get the chance to know every person who follows and likes your posts regularly, but always ensure that that you give back to them in one way or the other.f1

Be Funny for Free Likes

Life is stressful enough as it is. People are struggling to keep up with the harsh economic times, people are struggling with relationshipissues,people are struggling with mental health issues, peopleare struggling to get out of debt and so on and so forth. In a nutshell, there are so many issues that people are struggling with that are making them stressed out and some are even getting to the point of depression; this s the reason why people take every simple opportunity that they getto celebrate. They are alwayslooking for an escape; that one thing that can take their minds away from all the stress and issues that they have to deal with on a daily basis. Be that person for them and see the free likes come your way.

Choose to be the comedian on social media. It is however important that you master the art of comedy. Getting people to laugh is not an easy job. You really have to tickle their funny bone. You have to tell jokes that they can relate to and those that will not be offensive. This simply means that you really need to know your audience. It will be particularly beneficial for you if your knowledge of your audience can go as far as the issues that they are struggling with. This way you can find the perfect way to give them the reprieve that they are looking for.f2

Make sure that you are as diverse as possible. Do not stock to one lien of jokes. Today you can go for mommy jokes, tomorrow you have bar jokes, the next day you go for stereotype jokes and so on and so forth. Please bear in mind that there is quite a lot of effort that you will be required to put in. You have to first and foremost get a very deep and clear understanding of your audience. You need to know exactly who they are and what they relate with in life. Next you need to keep on researching on different jokes and how to make people laugh. It will not be an easy job as you will be required to have fresh jokes every other day. This is the only way you will keep your followers interested and have them give you those free likes that you are looking for.

The one fact about social media is that to getpeople’s attention, you have to give them what they want. Youhave to relate to them, you have to show them what they want to see, tell them what they want to hear and keep their interest in you at its peak. Once you capture the audience’s attention you need to now lock it in., Once you succeed at doing exactly that, everything lessee will become automatic. The followers and the likes will start coming your way on your own but you need to understand that the struggle to remain relevant on social media is very realand you have to deal with it on a daily basis.